(Live Webinar) Bitcoin Made Easy Trading Course cover

(Live Webinar) Bitcoin Made Easy Trading Course

Instructor: M Kishor

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Hellođź‘‹ Everyone,

We are Very Excited to Welcome you all to "Bitcoin Made Easy Trading Course" ZOOM Class

Website - https://f10funnels.com/bitcoin/

Join The Crypto, NFT & DeFi Revolution

If You’ve been watching Crypto , NFT & DeFi for a while now, you would have seen a lot of people make a fortune and you want to get involved but the complexity is insane and the risk unbearable. Let’s face it you have no time to specialize and no money to lose either, then there is an easy way to earn returns with no hassle.

This course is designed to teach complete beginners the trading skills, principles and strategies to earn passive income from Cryptocurrency , Non Fungible Tokens and Decentralised Finance .


Module One - F10Funnels Crypto Trading Strategy

1. Crypto Arbitrage

2. Focussing On The Trend and Market Cycles

3. Drilling Down Multiple Timeframes

4. Managing The Trade – Your Complete Guide

5. Position Sizing and Risk Management

Module Two - Cryptocurrency Essentials and Foundations

1. Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin explained

2. How to get your Bitcoin to fiat and fiat to Bitcoin

3. How to safely store your cryptocurrency

4. Get access to top cryptocurrency exchanges and learn how to use them

Module Three - Trading: Mindset and Success

1. Conquering Emotions, Mindset and Success

2. Goal Setting To Conquer Trading

3. Your Trading Plan

Module Four - Technical Analysis & Derivatives

1. Basics of technical charting

2. How To Use Trend Lines

3. Support and Resistance Levels

4. A Complete Run-Down On Technical Indicators

5. Classical Charting Patterns

6. Trading Candlestick Setups

Module Five - Profit With DeFi

1. Introduction to DeFi – Decentralized finance, what is “DeFi” and how it works

2. Metamask – how to use an Ethereum & ERC20 wallet.

3. Everything you need to know to about MakerDAO, Uniswap, Compound, Aave, Zapper, Zerion, Synthetix, Nexus Mutual, Balance, Curve, Set, Yean finance, 1inch

4. What is a Flashloan – the new cutting edge technology in crypto – risks and opportunities involved

5. Yield Farming, Dex, Staking, Derivatives, Lending & Borrowing .

Module Six - Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

1. Where and How to create, buy and sell NFTs.

2. How to create a digital wallet to buy NFTs and Why have NFTs become all the rage?

3. What can be an NFT and How does it work?

4. What’s the utility of NFTs and Who’s been using it?

5. Can anyone make an NFT , why do NFT have value and are they a good investment?

6. Difference between Fungible and Non Fungible Tokens and the most expensive NFT’s ?


Crypto Prediction Subscription for One Year worth US $299

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